Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wheat Rules . . . as a building material

A lot of people in the paleo community have a big problem with wheat. Well I'm here to tell ya that wheat can be an important part of the paleo lifestyle. It is a great tool for constructing toys!

Not so long ago (well, last February or so) I was baking bread and making pizzas. After drinking the paleo kool-aid I gave all that up but I still had all this flour around. I could've thrown it out but a true hunter-gatherer makes optimum use of their resources.

As anyone who has ever papier-machéd before (and who hasn't?) knows that flour and water make an excellent glue. It's no coincidence that gluten and glue share so many letters. In fact, one wonders how we could all grow up seeing the ease with which flour and water can be turned into a nasty gloppy substance and not think about something similar happening in our own bodies.

To cut to the chase, me and the kid make papier-maché toys, they are some of his favorite toys, and believe me, this kid has no shortage of toys. Beyond using up the now verboten flour, I think that making these toys together helps instill some patience and craftsmanship, something I imagine our HG forebears excelled in.

Here are some toys we've made. Kitty robot (a combination of his obsession with cats and robots), Wall-E, the moon robot from Wallace and Gromit (notice the robot theme?) and Scoop, a work in progress. All made out of misc items like plastic bottles and toilet paper rolls and of course lots of that wonderful glue that some people choose to believe is the healthiest thing that humans could possibly ingest. These toys have got plenty of miles on them, more than most of his store-bought toys, and that is, to me, the best reason to keep on making more of them.


  1. Great demonstration of instincts and the power of gluten!

  2. TPSW,

    Yeah gluten is quite powerful, all the more reason to keep it away from our bodies.