Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guanciale Peas

Guanciale is Italian for food of the gods. Actually, it is derived from the Italian for cheek. According to François-Xavier from the excellent (and now sadly inactive) FXcuisine it is unavailable outside of Italy. Well our local high-end deli has some and if I can get it here in Prague it is certainly available in many other places outside of Italy. Guanciale is mostly fat, very high quality, strongly flavored fat from the jowl. It is famous as a key ingredient in Carbonara (a weak substitute being bacon) but I'm not a big pasta fan so I found another popular use--to flavor up veggies with fat.

Threw some slices of guanciale in a skillet.

Added some diced red onion.

When the guanciale was rendered and crispy, I took the paper thin slices out and we ate them. Added peas and a few chilli flakes.

The finished product. Notice the yummy guanciale fat glistening off the peas, now that's the way I like my veggies.

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