Thursday, October 07, 2010

Black Gold

I never considered myself to have much of a sweet tooth, despite the fact I used to put sugar in my coffee for years and years (blech!). But because of its purported benefits, I'm now buying chocolate on a regular basis, not something I used to do. I don't get the generic crap with a list of ingredients a mile long, of course (although I used to). When it comes to chocolate, the high quality stuff actually costs less since a little goes such a long way.

This is what I've been buying lately to get my fix, I mean my heart healthy dose of anti-oxidants. Vivani 85%. The ingredients are as follows: cocoa, cocoa butter, and raw cane sugar. The amount of cocoa butter makes the biggest difference between the good stuff and the mediocre stuff as any chocolate lover will tell you. It's the difference between hard bitter chocolate and melt in your mouth quality stuff. So I got to wondering what exactly is cocoa butter? Well cacao, like other tropical plants such as palm and coconut (and that obscure class known as mammals), prefers to store energy as SFA. Cocoa butter is around 60% SFA and 40% MUFA and is one of the most stable fats around. The stuff is liquid gold, truth be told. And when mixed with the black gold of chocolate is, oh screw the metaphors, it is good stuff.


  1. Just it possible to skip the tasty and healthy but expensive chocolate stuff and just buy cocoa butter?

  2. I imagine it is, but I've not done it myself.