Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick and Dirty Adovada

Carne Adovada is a thing of beauty and a wonder to behold. Especially when it is made with the proper ingredients and is assembled and prepared in the authentic manner. Then there's the stuff I make. Still, quite tasty but definitely not 'correct'. Instead of marinating using real chillis and red chilli powder, I use this stuff which is what's available locally:

The biggest drawback to Sriracha is that it contains sugar. In fact, it is the second ingredient, yikes! The advantage is that it really has a kick to it so a little goes a long way. The disadvantage is that I use a lot more than a little. Actually it isn't super sweet so I don't think it has tons of sugar in it like ketchup. Anyway, I pour  a liberal amount of Sriracha over some cubed pork shoulder, add some salt and pepper and green onions (which were all I had), water, cumin, and sweet paprika. Marinate for a few hours (or overnight). Ends up looking like this:

The key to this is low and slow. I cooked at about 150C for 3 hours covered, then another quarter hour uncovered to brown it and get rid of some of the excess juice. For some reason pork seems to be more forgiving of this kind of cooking, beef has more propensity to dry out or get stringy.

Out of the oven:

Falling apart with a kick like a mule. Perfect way to get my fix of hot. It needs to cook all afternoon, but the total amount of prep time is minimal, mostly cutting up the pork.

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