Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heroin, A Great Way to Restrict Calories

First step to a calorie-restricted diet
I was having an online chat with a friend who thinks The China Study is the word of God. Of course I pointed him to Denise Minger and his first reaction was the old appeal to authority. "Who is this woman, what is her education/profession?" Then I pointed him to "qualified" people like Stephan Guyenet (PhD in neurobiology), Chris Masterjohn (PhD in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition) and Dave Dixon (PhD in physics) and his reaction was "I can find you twice as many who think it is brilliant."


Inevitably, this turned into an attack on low-carb diets. My friend said he came across a study that "proves" that Atkins only works because it is just another calorie-restricted diet. Anyone who's read Good Calories, Bad Calories knows that this canard has been used against low-carb diets since the whole a calorie is a calorie a calorie bullshit took root. My response:
Atkins is a low-calorie diet like heroin addiction is a low-calorie diet.
Both diets are linked to chemical addiction. In the first case, breaking insulin/glucose addiction gives the body access to fat stores. In the second case adding a heroin addiction seems to reduce the desire for lesser pleasures such as eating (and may even subsume an opiate addiction to wheat). The Young Turks think insulin is a red herring but I'm sticking with it for now. Low-carb diets and heroin addiction both tend to reduce caloric intake but saying they work by simply restricting calories is just plain silly.


  1. But listen now you know it all. You might lose weight from Atkins, but your blood vessels will be all clogged up with cholesterol and other kinds of fat and you will get sick. Atkins is simply unhealthy!!! EVERYONE knows that

  2. I agree with anonymous, these theories are for folie hats

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, my Swedish friends. He means aluminum foil hats.