Monday, November 08, 2010

Paleo is Dead, Long Live Paleo

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1987 to be a rock star, Guns 'N' Roses was the hottest band in town. Then they got picked up by a major record label and next thing you know they were all over MTV (this was when MTV still had music videos). Suddenly, they were no longer hip, they were no longer cool, they had been discovered by the unwashed masses. All bands that build up an underground following then hit the big-time go through this. They suck, they sold out, they aren't hardcore anymore, they aren't edgy. This can certainly happen, but usually the problem is simply a backlash against mainstream recognition.

I get the feeling that Paleo is beginning to experience some Underground Band Syndrome (UBS). The inevitable backlash. Paleo (and its kinder, gentler and more commercial cousin Primal) is far from mainstream, but there are stirrings. When the US President's personal trainer goes out of his way to trash Paleo or when a Reuters article on possible traces of 30,000 year old starch does the same you know that the movement has begun to ruffle some feathers. At the same time you've got early adopters and purists beginning to complain that things are getting 'diluted', distancing themselves or just dropping out altogether.

This is all inevitable. Movements, revolutions, bands, politicians, clothing styles, etc, all go through these stages. Paleo is in something of a retrenchment period, I think, entering it's third wave (DeVaney and Cordain being the first wave, Sisson, Nikoley and Harris being the second and Weston Price the visionary who set the stage). There's going to be the inevitable fragmentation, recriminations, infighting and so on. It's all part of the growing process so one shouldn't really sweat it. Except for Matt Stone, of course, who is just a fat little fuck.


  1. Surely it's Metropolis?! ;) Great blog btw, just reading through the archives.

  2. Fordaldo,

    Yeah, mixed up my superheros, damnit.