Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roast Beast

Low and slow cooked hovězy plec (some sort of shoulder cut, chuck?). Salt the beef then brown in butter in a skillet. Place in a dutch oven (or just a casserole dish with a lid in my case) then toss some veggies like carrots, onions and bell pepper into the skillet to sear.

Deglaze the pan with some wine, brandy or just water and pour that in.

I tossed some apple and green onions also. Put on the lid and bake for about four hours on 140C (280F). Turn off the oven and let it sit in there for a few more minutes. The lower and slower the better. I've tried to cook this all night at really low temperature but our oven has some sort of damn safety feature that turns it off after 6 hours or something.

Right out of the oven.

Meat is falling apart like Soviet Union.

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  1. your slow cooked roast beef looks wonderful. I really liked the idea of adding green apples and red onions for color and cooking for 4 hours until really, really tender. Most roast beef these days is served tough and dry. Jean