Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I Want to Tea Bag Tim Ferris

Robb Wolf is a guy who just brims with information. Listen to his podcasts, the guy knows a lot about a lot (yeah, I know that's tautological), and he shares his knowledgeable take on all things high-n-low without bullshit or pretension. Robb has gained a lot of attention in and out of the paleo world with his new book, which I haven't read but given his scope of knowledge, I'm sure it kicks ass.

Then there's Tim Ferris. Tim Ferris is the polar opposite of Robb Wolff and he's also about to release a new book.

Tim Ferris used to beat up ninjas in China whilst being a famous actor and discovering the cure for cancer. He did all of this by working four hours a week. Does any of this sound incredibly ridiculous? THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS!!!

I wouldn't mind, or even be bothered to post any of this except for the fact that Chris Masterjohn is gushing over it like a pre-teen girl watching Twilight for the first time, apparently just because he received an advance copy and was mentioned in the index. Way to keep your integrity, dude.

Chris, I had a big man-crush on you for your great insights into nutrition and health, but now you are dead to me.

Great video, high production value, total bullshit:

Guys with fake tatoos on their fingers. Really? Slo-mo jumps. My bullshit detector just blew a fuse.

I prefer Tim Ferris in his natural element:


  1. No.

    Perhaps the book is great, but there are enough great books out there by people who don't make outrageous and dubious claims about themselves that I think I can skip this one.

  2. Jesus, this is so funny I think I am gong to piss myself. I had a blog post planned on TIm Ferris and his bullshit. Yes, I read his first book. It is one of the worst books I have ever read and I mean the 7th grade writing style, not just the absurd claims and recycled self-help tropes.

    Ferris is an expert at marketing himself and even brags about his ability to suck off the energy of other people with pestering and flattery. This is how he works. Send someone a free book with an acknowledgement and get endorsed by WAPF (sort of).

    Ferris' book also acknowledges two pornstars, Nina Hartley and Violet Blue. Maybe they will help bump his amazon rating with reviews....

  3. Thanks, Kurt.

    Yeah it seems a little strange to be skeptical of so much mainstream research (and rightfully so), then turn around and give unconditional praise to a bullshit artist like Ferris. I know this sort of bombast is pretty much de rigueur in the fitness world (where Scott Sonnons thrive), but I'd like to think of the paleosphere as a bit less credulous.

  4. Your blog is an inspiration and reminds me of why I started blogging. I need to start stepping on more toes.....

    I have been planning to review 4 hour workweek - I guess I need to get to it before Ferriss does something to stroke my ego and makes me change my mind..

    He follows me on twitter.

  5. I was starting to think I was being too much of an acerbic asshole, but your comments have encouraged me to continue to be myself (an acerbic asshole). Thanks.

    I think stepping on some toes is sorely needed in the paleosphere and in any group in general that would like to maintain some semblance of intellectual integrity. Otherwise, let's just call it a religion and be done with the whole thing--like those who worship at the altar of T. Colon Campbell.