Friday, December 03, 2010

Leek Cauliflower Soup

I made a roast beast the other day, added some kiwi and carrots. Lots of left over juice which was the base of this soup. Also made some chicken stock from a ribcage which went in also. A good solid base to start with.

Added a whole cauliflower and a leek and simmered for about 20 minutes.

Mashed with a masher.

Roughly mashed and ready for the immersion blender.


Smooth and thick. I was going to add some cream but it was already quite hearty I just skipped it.

Heavy duty rock 'n' roll. The black things are kiwi seeds from the kiwi and roast beast juice. I've struck out on soup so many times it is ridiculous, but this one was pretty yummy. A good solid base is a must.


  1. That sounds pretty good!

    I have probably not invented, but I thought I did, a soup I'm in love with. I sautee some yellow squash and zucchini and crimini mushrooms. I take beef stock from my roasts, and I add some tomato paste, sauce, and garlic, basil, oregano, and some water, and I simmer it for awhile. Then I add water to the veggies and blender them to a puree and pour it into the soup, add salt & pepper and sometimes some water and simmer for quite awhile more. It makes this really rich, spicey hearty soup that is beef-mushroom-tomato-veggie and I think it's just to die for. Even my 14 year old liked it. Great winter soup! It's the first soup I've ever made besides chili and a turkey stew!

    I never thought of using kiwi of all things. WTH is kiwi doing in Prague, anyway? ;-)


  2. PJ,

    Your soup sounds great. No yellow squash here, but otherwise I'm willing to try and copy it. Took me forever to figure out how to make a decent soup and I still suck. My Czech mother-in-law makes amazing soups in like 20 minutes without making stock or anything, I think she might have souperpowers (sorry).

    Kiwis are big here, I think it is a throwback to the communist era when they weren't available to the general public. My wife bought a bunch so I've been trying to use them up. These are still quite tart so can be substituted for vinegar or the like.