Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pantastic Christmas

When Germans decide to make something, they usually don't mess around with mediocrity. This Woll TitanPlus pan, a Christmas present, is a perfect example.

Real cooks cook with stainless steel or so I've heard. Fortunately I'm not a real cook so I'm sticking with non-stick.

Detachable handle for putting in the oven.

Heavy aluminum/titanium base for even cooking which I've already scratched up a bit. I'm not sure what the thin layer of titanium is actually adding to the cooking properties of the pan. Perhaps it helps bind with the nonstick coat better? Helps conduct heat? Maybe it is just a marketing gimmick.

Tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent.

Once can also buy a heavy terracotta lid for it which I am already coveting as we don't own a dutch oven.

Ever notice how everything looks so much cooler overexposed at a 30 degree angle?
The only possible downside to this Porsche of Pans (besides the price of course, these things don't grow on trees) is its weight. Having ruined too many things cooking them in cheap wafer-thin cookware I'm happy to have the extra heft myself. And it does have the opposing mini handle to allow for two-handed lifting. Otherwise one can opt for the lighter, nowo Titanium. The other question would be how long the non-stick coating will actually stay non-stick. Even the best of pans start losing it after 5 years of daily use in my experience. But that's a question for the (hopefully) distant future.


  1. Buy another one and you could claim meet your daily resistance training while cooking :)

  2. I'm too cheap to do that, I'll just have to alternate arms whilst cooking.

  3. I will check into buying something like this since my stainless steel pan is hard to clean