Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where's the Ibuprofen?

I was feeling sorta wimpy with DOMS, so I thought I'd take some ibuprofen before settling into a nice hot bath. But we were out. Then I realized I hardly ever touch the stuff anymore. Last winter, when I was trying to jog my way thin, I was constantly hitting the ibuprofen, especially for back pain which has been a problem going way back to a stint at UPS in college.

But since I started doing things like pushups and planks, never specifically targeting the 'core' muscles (I'm not much into situps), and dropped the running, the back pain that has been plaguing me for half my life gradually disappeared. So gradually I forgot what a monkey on my back it used to be.

Goodbye my old enemy, and may you never, ever return.

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  1. Having back pain can wear a person out. It becomes worse if the pain is constant--You wake up with it and go to bed with it. My back pain started with picking up leaves and not bending my legs and then playing tennis when I knew I wasn't up to it. I did some exercises which did help and after 3 weeks it is getting better--it is in lower back and on right side and I think it is called the sciatic nerve.