Saturday, August 07, 2010

Low carbs for kids

With the grandparents close by and them not having drunk the paleo kool-aid like me, I have a difficult time getting my kid to eat healthy foods. If I boil eggs for breakfast, for example, he only wants to eat the whites. There's always bacon, of course, but it is hard to keep stocked up decent bacon around here. Recently, however, I came up with heavy cream chocolate crepes, served with whipped cream and some berries if I have them, as my SFA breakfast delivery system and he is crazy about them. Here's my recipe:

1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup cream
1 egg
a couple pinches of sugar
a pinch of salt
some raw cocoa
served with heaps of whipped cream.

Cook on medium heat a couple minutes on each side on a griddle or skillet coated with plenty of butter.

If you have a bowl that'll let you pour directly onto the skillet, that is ideal. This recipe comes out thicker than a classic crepe, depending on the type of creme and how much cocoa. If I have light creme (12%) around, I will use that to make a thinner, more classic crepe, or it could be thinned with some milk of course. It does contain some flour and bit of sugar (and even heavy creme isn't strictly paleo). But I consider it a reasonable trade-off. And it is way better than the 'healthy' breakfast cookies he was eating before. Or, God forbid, a heavily sugared breakfast cereal.