Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jimmy Moore and Encore Week are Rockin' My World!

Jimmy's encore week has been fantastic. So fantastic that he crashed his server with all the traffic. But he's back and I'm totally fired up just listening to all these great interviews. So fired up I almost went outside and did some sprints in the cold, dark, miserable Prague night. The snow here is mostly melted, so I've really no excuse, now. Unfortunately, not even a superhero like Jimmy could inspire me out of my exercise slump.

I just listened to his interview with Kurt Harris. Excellent! Some of the questions rehashed stuff that anyone who has read Kurt's blog were already familiar with: his opinion of blood work and testing benchmarks in general, what he thinks of olive oil, etc. Kurt's shifted ground on certain things (like the Kitavans and carbs in general, I'd say) and his always knowledgeable take was great listening.


  1. I am so with you on this one, I am not a regular listener to LLVLC but the encore week has been great, especially Kurt Harris.

  2. Thanks for the nudge. I plan to listen to some of these today as we are iced in (for the third day).

  3. TPSW, yeah, Kurt Harris is a real treat, glad to see him back from the wilderness.

    Tim, nothing like having a great excuse to stay home and listen to podcasts all day.