Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mold Attack!

This winter we've all been suffering a sort of continuous low-level cold, and my wife's asthma (which was severe in childhood but all but dissappeared after puberty) has started rearing its ugly head. I figured it was just all the diseases the kid brings home from pre-school.

But perhaps not.

It turns out our tiny bedroom closet was infested with mold.

I had to completely disassemble the built in shelving with my crappy screwdriver, cause my drill is broken, and spray it all down with bleach.

I went really medieval with the bleach.

Then I will repaint it to hopefully seal the masonry. Meanwhile our rather small flat is littered with crap should probably mostly be tossed. How did this much stuff fit into such a tiny closet?

Anyway, hopefully this will clear up the breathing problems my wife has been experiencing. Asthma is such a mysterious ailment. Why did my wife's life-endangering asthma practically disappear with puberty? It seems to be some sort of autoimmune inflammatory disorder, so removing inflammatory things like wheat from diet ought to help. In my mind, at least, it is an overreaction of the immune system but who knows?

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