Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cure Diabetes With a Simple Stomach Bypass

Alas, the magic bullet for diabetes has finally arrived and it only involves a 40% risk of complications.

According to a report by UK stomach bypass surgeons, the BBC slavishly reports.
The National Bariatric Surgery Registry said type 2 diabetes fell by 50% and on average patients lost nearly 60% of their excess weight a year after surgery, based on 1,421 operations.

The Royal College of Surgeons says the NHS should prepare for rising demand.
In other news, a report by the Association of Lobotomists (AssOL) said that shoving an icepick into someone's brain is a great way to deal with their uppity backtalk.

"You can't handle the icepick"
Back to the 'news' article, though, and not everyone is convinced:
However, the chairman of the charity Diabetes UK, Professor Sir George Alberti, emphasised that people who were obese should try to lose weight through diet and lifestyle changes first.

"We agree that bariatric surgery should be used as an alternative treatment to help people lose weight if all other attempts have been unsuccessful and their diabetes remains poorly controlled," he said.
These poor diabetics are really between a rock and a hard place if they only listen to the 'experts' and the mainstream media. A quick look at Diabletes UK's 'healthy' recipe page comes up with such wonderful things as apple-muesli smoothie, apricot porridge, and apple cinnamon cake.

And that's just the As.

Nobody should be eating that crap and consider it healthy, much less a diabetic.

I'm not sure why bariatric surgery would reduce diabetes by half (assuming there's no self-interested bias--a big assumption), I suppose just losing a lot of weight helps quit a bit. Also, a stomach bypass essentially forces one into a starvation diet, if I understand it right, a very low carb (and everything else) diet. So perhaps it is just a very roundabout way to go VLC.

Speaking of diabetes, I have a friend who cured himself of diabetes by doing the exact opposite of what the doctors told him to do (including one doctor who almost forced him to take insulin). I might write up his story including lab results and stuff (he's given me permission) if I manage to find the time and motivation.

Addendum: Jan wrote about this also after seeing a segment on Good Morning America

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