Sunday, July 03, 2011

Will The Real Mediterranean Diet Please Stand Up?

I was thinking of titling this post, "My Vacation Rental" after reading Girl Gone Primal's advice, "If you haven't got anything interesting to say, don't tell us about your vacation rental."

Our vacation rental was pretty cool, but with the incessant drone of scooters and tractors towing boats in and out of the water it wasn't exactly idyllic.

Here's a shot:

Having spent some time in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, and now Croatia, I would say that the main thing these countries have in common is a love of food. What I've seen little evidence of is this mythical beast known as the Mediterranean Diet.

And now for some food porn from Croatia.

Mussels with red sauce. 

Fish and vegetables:

Mixed grill. Note the Croatian red sauce in an onion "bowl", this stuff was pretty tasty and ubiquitous. At it's best it's simply amazing.

Bread was served with every meal and it was pretty damned good. But I mostly used it to make toys like Mr BreadHead here. Bread is a great construction material, not so great as a source of calories.

Amazing how kids can get so much more playtime out of a piece of bread than an actual toy.

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