Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Must Read For Serious Lifters--Or Anyone Just Looking For Inspiration

If there's anyone who reads this blog, is into fitness and hasn't heard of Jamie Lewis, you are missing out. He happens to be very much NSFW, so if that's a problem you'll want to skip it--but it'll be your loss.

It's really cool to see hobbyist bloggers with something to say turn into professional authors and/or speakers, and I think that's the direction Jamie is headed. I've ripped on Tim Ferris before because he strikes me as a bullshit artist. Jamie is the real deal. Mr Lewis is, pound for pound, one of the strongest dudes on the planet. And he has just finished writing an ebook that's now available for 12 greenbacks.

Jamie's exercise style is pretty much the opposite of my own, he works out six days a week with very heavy weights, I do bodyweight stuff and mostly sit on my ass. But one can't argue with results and regardless of one's style of exercise he's a very smart guy along with being a very strong guy. Check out the blog and buy the book if you like to move around heavy things.

Note: I've corresponded with Jamie a few times but he didn't ask for an endorsement, this is strictly my own opinion and of my own cognizance. I think he's a blogger to watch and I hope his ebook does well. I'd love to see a world where people can successfully support themselves on the merit of their ideas and their integrity, especially in the arena of exercise which tends to be mostly about hype, trends and bs.

FDA To Regulate Salt

Via Walter Olson at the Cato Institute. The FDA now wants to make salt a controlled substance. This wouldn't really affect people who eat real food but it is still ridiculous.
In a September 15 “Request for Comments, Data, and Information” (PDF) published in the Federal Register, the FDA solicits from the public “comments, data, and evidence relevant to the dietary intake of sodium as well as current and emerging approaches designed to promote sodium reduction.” Among the specific ideas it has in mind: setting federally prescribed “targets” for “stepwise” reductions in the amount of salt allowable in various foods, the phased nature of the reductions indicated because consumers’ “taste preference for sodium is acquired and can be modified.”

Various government programs (notably in Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City) already arm-twist producers into supposedly voluntary reductions, but the FDA notice hints broadly that voluntary measures will not suffice. Its public comment period ends next Tuesday, November 29; let’s hope the agency gets an earful from citizens about the importance of freedom and consumer choice.
Like the mythic case against saturated fat, the case against salt is very weak and heavily politicized. I'm a big fan of salt myself, but I think it's important to shell out the extra baksheesh for grey sea salt with the trace minerals.

The war on drugs is working out so well, why not extend it to one of the most common and biologically important substances on the planet? When the prisons are full, offenders could be sent to the salt mines, ha!