Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Brief Jack Kruse Rant

I don't use Twitter so I'm not usually hip to things like the latest Kruse kerfuffle, but I did see Richard talking about it, so I reluctantly went to the circle jerk known as PaleoHacks to see how much stupid was happening (I don't watch reality television so this is my guilty pleasure).

Plenty of it all around, as it turns out.

For those not in the know, someone made a parody Twitter account of Kruse apparently, and someone else (or perhaps the same someone) apparently reported Kruse to the fascist ever-vigilant and hard-working authorities. Blah blah blah, he was arrested, blah blah, then let go, blah.

Are you still awake? Because I'm not sure I am.

Anyway, I got to this comment on PaleoHacks by someone calling themselves PaleoVenus and I got annoyed enough to wake up and write this rant.
I can't believe someone made a twitter account dedicated to making fun of this guy. He's already an outcast here. I don't put faith in what he says, mostly because I can't understand it, but whoever is behind this twitter account has crossed a line by tweeting about a bomb/bio threat. What a thoughtless thing to do. It's totally foreseeable that it would end with an investigation. As for JK himself and his behavior, what did you expect? He is who he is.
I could give a flying fuck about Kruse or his haters but this comment really encapsulates more sheep-like idiocy than I care to digest in one sitting.

Someone crossed the line by making a fake twitter account? Or by making a joke on that fake Twitter account that was construed by the fucking idiots at Homeland Security as a terrorist threat?

You know what? Fuck Homeland Security. I'm embarrassed to even have been born in a country that has a government organization with the word homeland in it. If I hadn't already left the country a long time ago, I'd leave it again. Why don't they just call it Fatherland Security? Seriously, go fuck yourselves.

Guess what fuckers? I want to bomb the US by smuggling dynamite up my ass and kill the President. Am I a terrorist threat? Am I joking? Better to be safe and 'request' that Google delete my fucking blog you fascist cunts. I live in Prague 6, Czech Republic, I'm sure you can figure out the details, why not send a drone over to wipe out me and any non-combatants in my vicinity just to be safe.

Collateral damage, it's what's for breakfast.

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