Monday, July 30, 2012

Vegetarian Diet Alleged to Cause Olympic Team to Choke

Obviously one can't read too much into this, but I'm still going to have a quick gloating laugh.
“Veggie” diet blamed for poor performance of China’s women volleyball team

Fearing tainted meat, China's women's volleyball team has stuck to a strict vegetarian diet for the last three weeks, which the team's coach is now blaming for his athletes' abysmal performance.

Fan of meat that I am, I don't see how it is all that necessary for a female volleyball player. Chicken, fish, whey protein, etc out to be enough for them maintain muscle mass I would think. For me, the biggest problem would be avoiding lard, which is my cooking oil of choice.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mountain Biking in South Bohemia

We spent last week in the relative isolation of the Šumava National Forest staying in a pension near Srní, biking and walking and generally engaging in plenty of clean living.

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First thing I saw was this guy sawing wood on this apparently homemade contraption which consisted mostly of a giant rotating sawblade. It gave me something of a shudder to watch him work but I thought it was pretty damn cool nonetheless. Don't trip, dude.

There are plenty of nice old donkey paths running along canals that used to be used for barging lumber.

Along with old picturesque stone bridges.

The best thing was getting caught up in some misadventures, the hallmark traveling and a great experience for my son. There were a few rainstorms:

And stumbling onto practically non-existant trails that were pretty much unbikeable although they had their nice moments where we stopped to pick berries.

My wife, Liam and his cousin.

And last but not least, there was a goat.