Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stephan Guyenet Thinks He's Jodie Foster

And It's the Woo is John Hinckley, or something. Yeah, I know, the paleo drama gets really tedious, but the free speech and fascist PC police aspects sometimes have to be addressed.

Recently we had the good doctor of all things food rewardish writing in the comments of Hyperlipid:
People post all sorts of nonsense on the Internet, and it isn't my concern. What is my concern is when people fire up the crazies and point them in my direction. I am literally concerned that someone is going to come to my door one of these days and hurt me or my friends/family because someone like Peter went beyond politely disagreeing and into ad hominem territory for his own personal amusement and/or ego defense. I am literally concerned that someone is going to try to stick a knife in my back at AHS while in a Hyperlipid- or "Woo"-fueled rage. It won't be Peter (might be Woo though), but as I said there are a lot of disturbed people out there.
It's okay to post nonsense on the internet, just as long as that nonsense doesn't consist of insulting Stephan Guyenet, because that could cause "disturbed people" to kill him. Got it.

Hate crimes, as opposed to most normal crimes (manslaughter vs 2nd degree murder being a notable exception), are about the retrograde reading of someone's mind when they committed the crime. Did you assault that person because you hate black/Jewish/Muslim/gay/etc people or simply because you have anger issues? Unlike the hate crimeologists, I'm not going to pretend to read Dr Guyenet's mind when he wrote this. Maybe he really is that paranoid. What I find more likely, though, is that he was trying to invoke an imaginary heckler's veto as a way to play the victim, as a way to try and stop people saying mean things about him on the internet.

As a white (presumably Gentile) male, Stephan is in a world of hurt when it comes to being part of an officially recognized victim group. He does have one option, though. Dr Guyenet has always struck me as somewhat effeminate in his passive-aggresive style of argumentation. What he could do is declare himself to be gay--instant trump card! Then Stephan could simply accuse anyone who insults him of gay-bashing. He could even report them to the proper hate-speech watch group and FBI.

Or he could just realize that insults on the internet are just that: insults on the internet (he also confuses an insult with ad hom, but logical fallacies have never been his strong suit). If Stephan really feels that his blogging is putting the lives of his friends, family and himself in mortal danger, he should stop whining about it and just stop blogging.

I wouldn't be surprised if Dr Guyenet was in favor of government taking an active role in curtailing hurtful speech (like this), because it "fire(s) up the crazies". It would be consistent with his thinking that the way to fix obesity is for the government to take an even more active role than it does now in how people eat, just, you know, listen to the proper TOP MEN this time around. TOP MEN such as himself, of course. Maybe computers ought to come with some sort of ridiculous warning label like everything else sold these days:

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