Thursday, June 06, 2013

Looking At a Bra Ad in Sweden Leads to Wrong Ideals, Bad Health and Inequality

Swedish feminism has officially jumped the shark (okay, it did that a long time ago when Julian Assange was retroactively charged with rape for apparently not wearing a condom).

A Swedish friend of mine snapped this blurry pic whilst on the Stockholm metro. He translates the caption as: "Warning! Exploiting the female body leads to wrong ideals*, bad health and increased inequality between the two sexes."

Though it's apparently it's okay to exploit the female body in order to sell bras. Perhaps that isn't exploitation since only women are supposed to be interested in seeing this fit, healthy female model's naked torso for the "proper" reason: to buy brassieres.

Since government mandated warnings on cigarette packages have single-handedly reduced the prevalence of smoking in most first world countries, I'm confidant that warning labels on all media that presents healthy slender women, be it TV, movies, advertising or internet porn can save civilization from wrong ideals, bad health and increased inequality between the sexes.

*If you didn't get a small shiver up your spine at the the phrase "wrong ideals" you are part of the problem, or you need more coffee.

Update: another Swedish friend claims this is simply a marketing campaign designed to subtly mock Swedish political correctness and hopefully go viral which makes sense.

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